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Choose between original and compatible cartridges?

ForPrint has compiled the questions and answers from our customers

«Do i spent a fortune on ink cartridges and original toners, or do i just risk to damage my printer with compatible paints?» Certainly you confronted yourself with this dilemma several times! For this, the Forprint created this brief manual any questions you may have in deciding bettewn one and another chance.

We want to answer your questions related to the different options of ink and toner cartridges, helping you make the best choice when buying from us, to go on forever, with a good impression.


Aspects that must be taken into account before buying:

  1. What is a cartridge, or compatible or original toner?
  2. The cost of original and compatible
  3. The amount of ink or toner containing
  4. The number of page prints
  1. The age of you printer
  2. The type of work you want to print
  3. The environmental impact

1. Differences between toner cartridge or recycled, compatible and original

Before you star, you need to know what is the difference bettewn the types of cartridges or toners available in the market.

Original - is produced by the respective printer manufacturer. It will be at the outset, wich will give you greater assurance. It has the highest price.

Compatible - is a new cartridge or toner produced by a competing manufacturer to the original brand. It doesn´t have affiliation with the original manufacturer´s printer and that the products are brand new and have never been used before.

Recycled / refilled (not sold on ForPrint) – is an original cartridge or toner that has been used at least once. After their use, they are cleaned and refilled, and tested for compatibility.

2. The cost of the original and compatible cartridges

Compatible products are always cheaper. However, sometimes it is worth looking at more factors that the unit cost. If price is your priority when chooosing so compatible are the right option.

3. The quantity of prints which carry

If it makes extensive use of your printer:

Buy compatible. It will save a lot of money! These products usually contain more ink that the original, at lower price, making the cost per page to reduce considerably.

Is printed little or sporadically:

One of the main concerns is the paint dry, clogging the print head. Cartridges contain a chemical that protects the print head to clog, so if you print less at a time and only occasionally we advice that you choose original products.

WARNING – No matter how many impressions that performs recommend using original products, after use of 3 or 4 compatible. This option will clean and lubricate the print heads, and ensure that no hole is clogged.

4. The type of work you want to print

To print texts – the compatible inks have excellent performances for text, well-tuned impressions. Most of our "best sellers" are compatible in blank, if printing text is most of the work you do, you should try a compatible as quickly as possible.

The original cartridge, used with the original photo paper will always produce the best results, because they are designed to work together. However, compatible are brilliant for printing graphics, images and domestic photographs, also getting great results.

Simon Williams, author of numerous articles for websites and specialist magazines, did a test involving the four major brands of original ink and paper, and four ink cartridges from printers and competive brands. Printed images were presented to a panel of evaluatiors for classification, and the results greatly favored the acquisition of compatibles in virtyally every result.

IMPORTANT: The products marketed by, are intended exclusively for office printing, our products CANNOT be used for food printing ou does not sell cartridges for printing on food. does not guarantee that our products can be used in sublimation, transfer technique or printing on materials other than plain paper.

5. The age of your printer

As long as your printer is proprerly used and is still performing well, compatible products are a good option. Older printers cmay not recognize the compatible ink levels in compatibles. However, in most cases they print without problems.

When a printer is new, there might be no choice but to buy original, because the compatible market may not yet exist.

6. Environmental concerns

“Compatible products will spoil my printer and i will have to replace more often. So more printers are made... more waste is produced... greater is my ecological footprint"... Did you ever heard about this?

Nothing indicates that the use of compatible printers could result in damage, if well used and mantained. Your performance will be similar to the use of original products only. The recycling of compatible products is made by the same process as the original, and the compatible use of packaging but simplified and environmently friendly. Couple that with the delivery of toners and cartridges in a recycling center and make a better environmental choice.

7. Where to put your used ink or toner

You can place your used cartridges in the following collection points provided by the following entities:
ERP Portugal – Associação Gestora de Resíduos.

ERP portugal

By doing a brief online search, you will find several entities that process the used printing consumables for recycling. You will also be able to deliver your used consumables to the collection points that usually exist in City Councils, Firemen's Associations, Supermarkets, Schools, etc.


We hope you have seen this article helpfull and you can make your best choice on the purchase. If you still have any questions please contact us. We will be happy to help you decide.

Either the cartridges or compatible cartridges are actually products that can buy with confidence, as they are currently produced with excellent quality and compatibility in hundreds of models. Do not let past experiences influence you without trying first.

We offer a 100% guarantee on our products, so if you are not satisfied we can offer you a product refund or replacement.